Commitment and collaboration

The first meeting with a potential client and the initial visit to the site are the start of a creative collaboration. During that first encounter, Erwin listens to the client’s ideas and plans for the new outdoor space. Identifying what the client wants from the design is key. He and the client discuss the project and the approach and decide if they want to work together. Erwin is a team player who seeks to create the best design through collaboration.

Erwin Stam Tuinstudio translates the client’s wishes into a 2D, 3D or animated design. These visuals and videos provide a complete picture of the proposed design for the project. On basis of this design proposal, Erwin and the client make definitive decisions and the studio advises on the expertise needed to turn the design into a reality.

Erwin assembles a dedicated project team from a network of outstanding suppliers that includes expert landscape contractors, horticulturists, tree specialists, a dendrologist, conservatory builders, a garden historian and swimming pool specialists. This hand-picked team takes care of everything required to implement the design, from compiling planting lists to laying paving and installing water features, sprinkler and irrigation systems, lighting, furniture and soundscapes. Erwin Stam Tuinstudio can supervise and manage the whole project, acting as a single point of contact for the client, with Erwin ensuring that the design is implemented as intended – down to the last detail.

Erwin Stam Tuinstudio continues to keep an eye on the project once it is complete. Erwin builds long-term relationships with his clients. Excellent aftercare is a hallmark of his approach.

The starting point for a design:
what does outside mean to you?

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