“The ultimate garden has the right balance between clear lines and lush vegetation.”



A drive lined with striking trees, an austerely beautiful garden with a swimming pool, a lavish city garden, a metropolitan roof terrace… Erwin Stam Tuinstudio (2005) designs and delivers outdoor spaces that are entirely in keeping with the wishes of the client. The studio’s extensive portfolio includes outdoor spaces that invite relaxation, external havens, welcoming gardens for families and guests, public spaces with exactly the right feel and design projects that are fully compatible with the client’s lifestyle.

Lush Green

Garden designer Erwin Stam starts by seeking to understand what ‘the outdoors’ means to the client and then translates this into an inviting and timeless outdoor space that conveys a sense of comfort and peace. His unique approach results in an exclusive design with a recognisable signature. A design that becomes more beautiful with the passage of time. Erwin Stam believes that for a design to succeed, the outdoor space has to complement the interior: the two have to relate to each other. He creates a sense of place that feels right, a space you want to inhabit. The aspect of the garden is a logical place to start, but Erwin doesn’t stop there. What is special about the architecture or history of the property or office building? What does the panoramic view ‘do’ to the roof terrace? This results in designs that are perfectly in tune with their surroundings. Multi-layered designs that incorporate and balance nature and culture.


stands for timeless gardens.

Zwembadtuin aan de Côte d’Azur