With the grand opening on May 19th garden designer Erwin Stam and artist Micky Hoogendijk repurposed Huize Zonnewijzer (‘Sundial House’) on Valeriusplein in Amsterdam. This grand urban villa designed by architect Jan Baanders and built in 1919 has been given a contemporary makeover, as both internal and external spaces are transformed into a salon connecting art and nature. The Ones at Home is the next chapter in the history of Huize Zonnewijzer. Hoogendijk’s sculptures, Stam’s garden design and the Amsterdam School architecture of the house give visitors a comprehensive aesthetic experience, focused on engendering a sense of familiarity and arriving home.

Huize Zonnewijzer

When they first visited Huize Zonnewijzer, everything came together for Erwin Stam (b. 1969, Dordrecht)and Micky Hoogendijk (b. 1970, Amsterdam). They found both past and future in the house, built over a hundred years ago. This would be their new art salon where they would showcase their work. The expressive style of the Amsterdam School and the taut lines of the architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright still define the feel of the house, the former residence of the headteacher of the Amsterdam Lyceum. The sun dial on the side wall, which once bore an inscription meaning ‘I count only the sunny hours’, told Stam and Hoogendijk that it was time to open up a new vista.

The Ones at Home

Stam and Hoogendijk are working together at Huize Zonnewijzer, with the idea that if you surround yourself with people and things that you cherish, you will feel at home. While Hoogendijk’s work invites introspection, Stam manages to bring the outdoors indoors. He has developed the garden of Huize Zonnewijzer into an external exhibition space for Hoogendijk’s sculptures. The walled courtyard is a little paradise, where specially chosen trees, plants and flowers, the sound of water and – once the sun disappears – a special lighting plan provide context for The Ones. The centerpiece is the four-meter tall sculpture The Ones Nr. I – XXL, a group of abstract human figures that gives viewers the room to become part of the work. Just as Hoogendijk is concerned with the feeling that her sculptures evoke in the viewer, the perception of the user is also central to Stam’s designs. In the end, it is not about what you see, but about what you do not see: what you feel, in other words.

Inspirational salon garden

Stam and Hoogendijk are keen to share the power and beauty of Huize Zonnewijzer and add their own story to its history, as they transformed its interior and exterior into an exclusive art salon, creating a magical world that both grows and stays the same, a place where the hustle and bustle of the city seems far away. This internal and external gallery, which can only be visited by appointment, embraces visitors, and the unique interaction between art and nature inspires both contemplation and awe. A Poem between Art & Garden, where creative spirits come together and encourage each other to embrace new dreams. And where only the sunny hours are counted.

Erwin Stam would be delighted to welcome you to The Ones at Home. To make sure your visit is exclusive, he invites you to make an appointment using the contact form, and to indicate the purpose of your visit.

Photography of the grand opening: Chantalle Laurent Photography
Catering of the grand opening: Belmont Events 

Partners of The Ones at Home

The Ones at Home Garden will be dedicated to The Ones bronze sculptures by my dear friend and business partner Micky Hoogendijk.
Our garden design is executed by Meker Tuinen .
The light plan for the garden is made and realized by in-lite LAB . It is an artwork by itself .
Boomkwekerij Ebben delivered the beautiful honey trees also known as the Sophora Japonica. These trees are very attractive voor bees and butterflies.
Some privacy in the garden was created by the Mobilane Global instant green Hedera screens.
The planting plan was created in collaboration with the well known Modeste Herwig.
Last but not least MBI de Steenmeesters delivered the tiles for the sustainable terrace