Erwin Stam is responsible for the Dutch entry FOR miNiATURE Amsterdam.

miNiATURE is the first indoor 3D garden show in the Netherlands. Its theme is ‘Luxury Raingarden, Inspired by Jacob’.

Garden designer Erwin Stam managed to bring this unique 3D indoor garden exhibition to the Netherlands, together with the internationally renowned fellow designer Andrew Fisher Tomlin. miNiATURE is the first garden exhibition in the Netherlands to be displayed entirely based on 3D print models.

Innovative garden designs, combinations and applications of various materials and ingenious relationships between the living space and the green areas are highlighted at the exhibition.

Social trends are also shown: the abundant rain of the past years has made the concept of ‘raingarden’ topical. During this event Erwin Stam presented his ‘rainproof‘ design, called ‘Luxury Raingarden, Inspired by Jacob’.

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British garden culture is conquering the Netherlands

Erwin Stam explains: “This unique indoor exhibition with 3D printed miniature garden designs offers the Netherlands the opportunity to become acquainted with the refined British garden culture, without having to travel to, for example, the Chelsea Flower Show. It focuses much on innovative designs, whereby the use of beautiful materials and ingenious relationships between the living space and the green areas are highlighted. And also important: social trends are also reflected in the designs, for example the current focus on so-called raingardens, whereby heavy showers are dealt with effectively in the garden. As a Dutch entry I therefore present a design with the name ‘Luxury Raingarden, Inspired by Jacob’. This design was given the designation ´Rainproof´ by the programme office Rainproof of the City of Amsterdam.”

10 major designers, 10 miNiATURE gardens

Major contributions to the English and Dutch edition are made by 3D expert Tom Harfleet, and the Swedish designer Kajsa Bjorne. Prominent British designers, including Andy Sturgeon, Wilson McWilliams and John Brookes, have already committed themselves to show their unique innovative designs during miNiATURE Amsterdam. This also applies to Chelsea Flower Show ‘Best in Show’ winners Sarah Eberle, Adam Frost and Jo Thompson. Jim Fogarty and Myles Baldwin from Australia will also display their work.

3D printed gardens make designs accessible for a broad public

Tom Harfleet adds: “The starting point of miNiATURE is to create a platform where garden designers and landscape architects have the opportunity to show striking and innovative gardens to a broad public. Although the usual outdoor garden shows offer the opportunity to show new designs, these are often safe designs and not very creative due to budget or technical restrictions. The objective of miNiATURE is to change this by offering designers a platform to use their creativity to a maximum degree through 3D printing. Until recently this was mainly done on a screen, whereby it was time-consuming and expensive to make a scale model. With the current 3D print techniques it is nowadays possible to produce high-quality, detailed and accurate 3D scale models to communicate ideas to the public.”

Background information

The first edition of miNiATURE, which was held in London, was a great success, receiving a lot of media attention. The show was visited by traditional garden enthusiasts, but also by technicians, lifestyle experts, marketeers and policy-makers from the government and business sector, making it a unique event. Partners of the show in Amsterdam included London College of Garden Design, HOBS, Marshalls, SCHELLEVIS and PURE Outdoor Design and Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy.

The decision to hold the exhibition at the Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy was obvious. It is an icon of Dutch Design, based in a historical building in the Eastern Docklands of Amsterdam.

miNiATURE Amsterdam was officially opened by the ambassador of the United Kingdom to the Netherlands, His Excellency Sir Geoffrey Adams.

The garden exhibition was held in the Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy in Amsterdam between 26 September and 16 October 2014.